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Bal Theatre

Bal Theatre presents Kiesha W​right with her tribute to Tina Turner with her back up dancers and explosive band a performance you will never for get from the Bal Theatre in San Leandro California.

Theatre Performance

Kiesha Wright as Tina Turner impersonator , who has travel all over the world and have met many people in her performance in foreign countries with her tribute show to  the Great Tina Turner , she could never be Tina  in a thousand year, but try to give her best thru  her Tribute show,  I love Tina the one and only Queen of Rock and Roll. 

Empress Theatre

Once again Kiesha Wright Tina Turner impersonator  performs at the Empress Theatre with her tribute to Tina Turner she is very proud and happy to bring her show into this Beautiful Theatre , Vallejo California. 

Impersonating Stars and Performers

A Tribute to Tina Turner impersonator  Kiesha wright and Rod Stewart at the Empress Theatre,   Taking you back  to the real Music.

Blues Brothers and Tina Turner, to great Acts together bring the house down, Blue  brother singing,Sweet home Chicago  and other Hit"s  Now Kiesh Wright as Tina Turner  with her  gritty voice doing Proud Mary .

the Theatres  performance 2015

Empress Theatre

Blues Brother and  kiesha Wright Tina T​urner  impersonator take the music higher at the empress theatre​ with the audience dancing and cheering on a different note

Kiesha Appreciation

A Great Write up from the post Newspaper so proud of her first Tribute show that pack the house at the empress Theatre.

Kiesha points at the marquee with her name on it wishing her Mom was there to see it. she was her  Manger for many years and  is now gone. I am sure she is there in her in spirit .


I thank the empress  for my first,second and third also fourth opportunity to bring my show into there empress theatre what a joy it was for me to bring my Band  Mr Jahon  a  great music director "can't get any better. and my Fans for their support.            Thank you empress theatre.

Kiesha Wright  Tina impersonator winner '  entertainer of the year from the Northern California Music Award  Committee, so proud she says of her award  and wishes every one the best  who enter 's this Competition, I also thank  Alex Eventmasters daniels for this award  and the Opportunity to share it with everyone  great success to you all and God Bless.

​Thank you Bal Theatre

Bal Theatre one of the greatest theatre in the bay area I thank them for the opportunity to bring my in to their fabulous theatre Great light and stage 

      I thank you Bal Theatre

Giving back to Leukemia tribute show 

Kiesha wright Tina Turner and Blues Brothers in Vallejo California   November 2019 ,performance at the     Empress theatre.  

Gold Strike Casino  Tina Turner  Tribute  valentine's show. 

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