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Tina Turner Impersonator Tribute

Dec 14,2019

Kiesha Wright

1 Main St, Jean, NV 89019

Show Time 

7:30 p.m. - First Tina Turner Tribute

12 midnight - Second Tina Turner Tribute

Kiesha Wright  impersonator in action july show at the Terrible Casino

Tina Turne Tribute kicks it ups at the Terrible Casino 

Kiesha Wright has been doing Tina Turner for many years. She loves especially when persons who have had a   a hard day at  work comes out to the show and just wants to relax and see a great exciting and enjoyable performance.

Thanks to her mom who made her sit in the bedroom watching Tina Turners moves grooves and listening to her voice to learn her style. Now portraying her as a Tina Turner impersonator and sound alike. She loves her job. many nights and watch the real Tina Turners performance. Thanks to the real Tina Turner for teaching her the right moves and talking to her on how to be a great entertainer. Yes it was only four months she worked with her but it was a blessing that led her to Las Vegas and traveling to other countries around the world as a sound alike.  She misses and loves her Mom so much because if it was not for her she wouldn't be doing this today.e, Her Mom would put me on the  kitchen table and just let dance away  She thanks God for her legs and strength and to be able to do what she loves.

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Kiesha Wright Tina Turner Tribute

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