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Tina Turner Impersonator Tribute

Dec 14,2019

Kiesha Wright

1 Main St, Jean, NV 89019

Show Time 

7:30 p.m. - First Tina Turner Tribute

12 midnight - Second Tina Turner Tribute

Kiesha Wright  impersonator in action july show at the Terrible Casino

Tina Turne Tribute kicks it ups at the Terrible Casino 

Come Check Out This Exciting 

Tina Turner impersonator Show

Tina Turner Impersonator Tribute Show at Terrible's Casino

Tina Turner kiesha  Wright 

Tribute show

 Dynamic  performance 

Tribute  to Tina Turners

Tina Turner Tribute Show, Kiesha Wright
Kiesha Wright performing as Tina Turner

 Terrible's Casino Tribute Performance on Stage 

Tina Turner  Bal theatre performance

tina turner impersonator & Tribute show

I could never Tina Turner in a Thousand Years

I Love You Tina!

Tina Turner Look a like impersonator

Beautiful Fans ,Great Show  

Terrible's Casino

A Tribute to Tina Turner
Tina Turner Tribute Show

Stockholm Sweden Viking Cruise Line

Tina Turner Impersonator

Tina Turner Tribute Show, Kiesha Wright
Kiesha Wright performing as Tina Turner

Kiesha Wright Tribute Show Worldwide

Now Called Glitter

Terrible's Hotel & Casino

Tina Turner Tribute

Tina Turner 6 Flags over Georgia  with Legends in Concert

Exciting Kiesha with a tribute to Tina Turner 

Tina Turner 

Tina turner impersonator,  kiesha wright

These pictures are of Kiesha Wright a Tina Turner impersonator and all the pictures are 

copyrighted. Kiesha was a member of legends in concerts out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The first Tina 

Turner to be hired with this show and also the last lkette to be hired with Ike and Tina Turner 

revue: She is now performing her own shows and helping the children cancer society.

Tina Turner Sacramento, California

ABC 10 News

Top CA State Fair entertainment & Hear Tina Turner impersonator Kiesha Wright


Tina Turner impersonator Kiesha Wright

Northern California Music award Winner 2016

Tina Turner Tribute Show

Kiesha Wright giving Back Through her Performance 


Bal Theatre 

 Audience Cheers for  Tribute to Tina Turner Impersonator

 Kiesha Wright and her show Sweet Sweet Soul Music give it her all in the Music Tradition of Tina Turner Today and Yesterday. 

KW  foundation

Legends in Concert Las Vegas NV

Kiesha Wright as Tina Turner, Sacramento, CA

Northern California Music award winner 

Entertainer of the year 2015, Sacramento, CA

“kiesha wri​ght performs at the Bal theatre in San Leandreo California with her Tribute to Tina Turner."  

Bal Theatre

Tina Turner impersonator Kiesha Wright Tribute

Better Be good to me 

Tina Legends in concert Kiesh Wright /Tina Turner
Tina Turner Tribute, Sacramento, CA

Kiesha Wright who has been doing Tina Turner Impersonator for many years, and has worked with the best Artist including the real Tina Turner herself, she has learn all her moves and grooves. She has mastered her voice and music. She has been on many TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey; News talk shows such as Good Day Atlanta, Good Day Sacramento and has been all over the world to places such as South Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong and The Netherlands Antilles. Kiesha has also performed on one of the biggest shows in Las Vegas - Legends in Concert.

     Now on her own, she brings to you her own show with a hot, leg moving, fiery and electrifying performance - a must see tribute to the queen of rock n' roll, Tina Turner. Her tribute includes songs such as Proud Mary, Nutbush City, Simply the best and Better Be Good to Me. She also takes you back to the young Tina Turner sweet soul music.

     Kiesha, founder of Kiesha Wright Children Foundation,

501(c)3, also makes her Tina Turner tributes by giving back to children with leukemia cancer and works along with children's hospitals to accomplish this.

     She is a graduate of San Francisco State University and one of the Oakland mothers of the year awardee, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, as seen at the Rose Garden in Sacramento, California.

From the Northern California Music awards 2016, Kiesha was awarded entertainer of the year and in 2017, awarded best performance by an impersonator of Tina Turner by the BMA Awards.

     See Kiesha's Movie Credits on

South Africa

STARS and impersonators

Kiesha Wright impersonator Tribute to Tina Turner 

Kiesha met Tina Turner and worked with her four months but her story is that she loved Tina dearly and respect her words that was taught to her. This is what she had to say: It's really an extraordinary feeling playing someone else. If you don't watch yourself you can actually become that person, she says. Particularity when she's constantly being stopped in the street and told she looked like the mega-star.

     Years of studying Tina's video and working on emulating that unique gruffness have paid off. And she proved it to us face to face without the benefit of special effects. Up came the top lit and true Tina style and when she broke into private dancer the illusion was complete. To get the look right Kiesha tells us it takes about an hour and a half. She has 50 Tina wigs, and having searched several city for their supplier of Tina's wow manes. Kiesha searched to find Tina's wig maker and was delighted to discover that he resides in Durban, this was great for Kiesha because she was performing in South Africa at the Wild Coast Sun with the Legends In Concert Group straight from Las Vegas. She is planning to add one to her collection. The man who has been supplying the distinctive unruly mock since 1981, his name is Dereck Brown. Every four or five months she keeps changing her looks wanting it longer, shorter and fuller or redder.

     Kiesha's costumes were all made by her mom by studying Tina Turner videos style of her costumes she was able to come close to the mega-star. As a Tina Turner impersonator sound of light, look a like with a best Tina Turner tribute performance she was able to travel to South Africa and meet this distinguished wig maker, what a pleasure and blessing it was to travel to this country as a Tina Turner impersonator. 

The Legends and Concerts

Kiesha Wright Tina Turner Tribute

Keisha Wright was Legends and Concerts first Tina Turner

from 1987 - 2000's and traveled all over the world

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